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Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 10:00 in ZOOM - video conference

Workshop: 13th Annual ERC Berlin-Oxford Young Researchers Meeting on Applied Stochastic Analysis, Day 2

A talk in the 13th Annual ERC Berlin-Oxford Young Researchers Meeting on Applied Stochastic Analysis series by
Various Speakers

Connection details: Meeting-ID: 954 3185 5096 — Password: 818910

Abstract: For the program and the abstracts, see here:

For housekeeping and guidelines, see here: PDF

In essence:

Conference days will run from 10:00-18:00 with talks finishing at 17:30 on Monday and Wednesday. The Zoom calls will be open 15 mins before the start of each day.

All participants will be muted and have their camera off by default upon entering the room. In between sessions participants are free to un-mute themselves if they wish but please return to mute during talks. For performance considerations we recommend that during talks only the speaker and chair have their cameras on if they wish.

If you have any questions or queries during a talk, feel free to raise them in the text chat which can be accessed at the bottom of the Zoom screen. Any questions that cannot be satisfactorily answered in the chat can be presented by the chair to the speaker at the conclusion of their talk. In any remaining time the chair will give the opportunity for further questions. You can indicate your wish to ask a question either by typing so in the chat, or using the Raise Hand feature. This can be accessed by clicking Participants at the bottom of the Zoom screen and then selecting Raise Hand in the panel that appears on the right of the screen.

We are liaising with speakers and our supporting institutions with a view to being able to record talks, where appropiate and have them available after the conclusion of the conference. The details of this are still under discussion, however, it may be that some sections of the talk sessions will be recorded. If you are in the Zoom call at the time, or join during the talk you will be alerted that this is happening. If you do not wish to be recorded as a participant then we kindly ask that you do not use the Zoom room or chat for questions while it is being recorded.


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