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April 23, 2018 – April 29, 2018


April 24, 2018

10:15 V4-116 Other

Random walks and induced energy forms on compact doubling spaces

Shilei Kong

Project: A3
16:30 H2 Mathematikdidaktisches Kolloquium

Emotionen und Motivation beim Lernen von Mathematik

Stanislav Schukajlow


April 25, 2018

14:00 V3-201 Bielefeld Stochastic Afternoon

Scale interactions in stochastic fluid models

Prince Romeo Mensah

Projects: B1, B2
14:15 V4-112 Oberseminar Gruppen und Geometrie

Twisted conjugacy classes in unitriangular groups

Timur Nasybullov
15:00 V3-201 Bielefeld Stochastic Afternoon

Optimal Dividend and Capital Injection Problems in Non-Life Insurance

Hanspeter Schmidli

Projects: C3, C4, C5
16:00 V3-201 Bielefeld Stochastic Afternoon

Some applications of stochastic control for ruin problems in insurance mathematics

Peter Grandits

Projects: C3, C4, C5


April 26, 2018

17:15 V2-210/216 Mathematisches Kolloquium (SFB 1283)

CANCELLED: Deep Optimal Stopping

Patrick Cheridito


April 27, 2018

14:15 T2-205 Seminar Representation Theory of Algebras

Higher Segal structures in algebraic $K$-theory and Hall algebras

Thomas Poguntke
16:15 V3-204 FSPM-Kolloquium

On Indexing for Jumbled Pattern Matching

Jens Stoye
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