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June 4, 2018 – June 10, 2018


June 5, 2018

10:15 V4-116 Oberseminar Geometric Analysis

The lifting-transference method for Grushin operators in Hardy spaces

Jun Cao

Project: A3


June 6, 2018

14:00 V3-201 Bielefeld Stochastic Afternoon

Variational Solutions to Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Equations in Hilbert Spaces

Michael Röckner

Projects: A5, B1
14:15 V4-112 Oberseminar Gruppen und Geometrie

The complex of irreducible parabolic subgroups of Artin-Tits groups of spherical type

María Cumplido


June 7, 2018

17:15 V2-210/216 Mathematisches Kolloquium

Nonsmooth Structures in PDE Constrained Optimization

Michael Hintermüller


June 8, 2018

14:15 T2-205 Seminar Representation Theory of Algebras

Extended Hall algebras

Mikhail Gorsky
14:15 U2-135 Oberseminar Analysis

Large scattering solutions for nonlinear Dirac systems

Sebastian Herr

Project: A1
15:30 T2-205 Seminar Representation Theory of Algebras

A new approach to simple modules for preprojective algebras

William Crawley-Boevey
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