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Prof. Dr. Gernot Akemann

eMail: ed.dlefeleib-inu.kisyhp nnameka

Recent Preprints

19025 Gegenbauer and other planar orthogonal polynomials on an ellipse in the complex plane PDF
17039 Products of random matrices from fixed trace and induced Ginibre ensembles PDF
17038 Product matrix processes for coupled multi-matrix models and their hard edge scaling limits PDF
18060 From Integrable to Chaotic Systems: Universal Local Statistics of Lyapunov exponents PDF
18042 The high temperature crossover for general 2D Coulomb gases PDF
19105 Universal eigenvector correlations in quaternionic Ginibre ensembles PDF
19026 Families of two-dimensional Coulomb gases on anellipse: correlation functions and universality PDF
20058 Closed-form performance analysis of linear MIMO receivers in general fading scenarios PDF
20029 Territorial behaviour of buzzards versus random matrix spacing distributions PDF
20112 Universality of local spectral statistics of products of random matrices PDF
20002 Determinantal structure and bulk universality of conditional overlaps in the complex Ginibre ensemble PDF
19099 Universal Signature from Integrability to Chaos in Dissipative Open Quantum Systems PDF
20048 Averages of products and ratios of characteristic polynomials in polynomial ensembles PDF
19009 On the determinantal structure of conditional overlaps for the complex Ginibre ensemble PDF
20047 A non-hermitian generalisation of themarchenko-pastur distribution: from the circular law to multi-criticality PDF
20067 Characteristic polynomials of products of Wigner matrices: finite-N results and Lyapunov universality PDF
22034 The Product of m real N×N Ginibre matrices: Real eigenvalues in the critical regime m=O(N) PDF
22035 The Elliptic Ginibre Ensemble: A Unifying Approach to Local and Global Statistics for Higher Dimensions PDF
21063 Universal microscopic spectrum of the unquenched QCD Dirac operator at finite temperature PDF
21044 Skew-orthogonal polynomials in the complex plane and their Bergman-like kernels PDF
21043 Scaling limits of planar symplectic ensembles PDF
22032 Level spacings in the chiral Gaussian unitary ensemble: From the hard and soft edge to the bulk PDF
22033 Spacing distribution in the 2D Coulomb gas: Surmise and symmetry classes of non-Hermitian random matrices at non-integer β PDF
22054 Universality of the number variance in rotational invariant two-dimensional Coulomb gases PDF

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