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Prof. Dr. Benjamin Gess


Recent Preprints

19036 The stochastic thin-film equation: existence of nonnegative martingale solutions PDF
19038 Optimal regularity in time and space for the porous medium equation PDF
19040 Path-by-path well-posedness of nonlinear diffusion equations with multiplicative noise PDF
17013 Optimal regularity for the porous medium equation PDF
19097 Large deviations for conservative stochastic PDE and non-equilibrium fluctuations PDF
19098 Synchronisation by noise for the stochastic quantisation equation in dimensions 2 and 3 PDF
17011 Regularity of solutions to scalar conservation laws with a force PDF
17012 Path-by-Path regularization by noise for scalar conservation laws PDF
19060 Well-posedness and regularity for quasilinear degenerate parabolic-hyperbolic SPDE PDF
19059 Well-posedness of nonlinear diffusion equations with nonlinear, conservative noise PDF
19052 Well-posedness by noise for scalar conservation laws PDF
19047 Stochastic nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations PDF
19046 Speed of propagation for Hamilton-Jacobi equations with multiplicative rough time dependence and convex Hamiltonians PDF
19054 Regularization and well-posedness by noise for ordinary and partial differential equations PDF
19041 Density bounds for solutions to differential equations driven by Gaussian rough paths PDF
19055 Stochastic non-isotropic degenerate parabolic-hyperbolic equations PDF
19050 Stochastic continuity equations with conservative noise PDF
19049 Supremum estimates for degenerate, quasilinear stochastic partial differential equations PDF
19048 Entropy solutions for stochastic porous media equations PDF
19039 Nonlinear diffusion equations with nonlinear gradient noise PDF
19045 Lower and upper bounds for strong approximation errors for numerical approximations of stochastic heat equations PDF
19037 Convergence rates for the stochastic gradient descent method for non-convex objective functions PDF
19042 Strong convergence rates for explicit space-time discrete numerical approximations of stochastic Allen-Cahn equations PDF
19053 Regularization by noise for stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi equations PDF

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