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Prof. Dr. Alexander Grigor'yan

eMail: ed.dlefeleib-inu.htam rogirg

Recent Preprints

18033 Local and Non-Local Dirichlet Forms on the Sierpiński Carpet PDF
18034 Determination of the Walk Dimension of the Sierpiński Gasket Without Using Diffusion PDF
19092 Pointwise estimates for heat kernels of convolution-type operators PDF
19094 On biparabolicity of Riemannian manifolds PDF
19090 Heat kernel estimates on connected sums of parabolic manifolds PDF
19089 Path homology theory of multigraphs and quivers PDF
19087 Heat kernels and non-local Dirichlet forms on ultra-metric spaces PDF
19091 Pointwise estimates of solutions to nonlinear equations for nonlocal operators PDF
19088 On positive solutions of semi-linear elliptic inequalities on Riemannian manifolds PDF
20017 Homology of path complexes and hypergraphs PDF
20016 Heat kernels and Besov spaces associated with second order divergence form elliptic operators PDF
20013 Heat kernels and Besov spaces on metric measure space PDF
20014 Cubical and path homology theories for digraphs PDF
20082 The pointwise existence and properties of heat kernel PDF
20083 Hardy’s inequality and Green function on metric measure spaces PDF
20084 Hierarchical Schrödinger type operators: the case of locally bounded potentials PDF
20085 Hierarchical Schrödinger type operators: the case of potentials with local singularities PDF
20086 Analysis on manifolds and volume growth PDF
19093 Two-sided estimates of heat kernels of jump type Dirichlet forms PDF
20015 Superlinear elliptic inequalities on manifolds PDF
22014 Volume growth and on-diagonal heat kernel bounds on Riemannian manifolds with an end PDF
22015 Analysis on fractal spaces and heat kernels PDF
22016 On homology theories of cubical digraphs PDF
22017 Geometric analysis on manifolds with ends PDF
22018 Torsion of digraphs and path complexes PDF
22057 Asymptotic behaviour of the heat semigroup on certain Riemannian manifolds PDF
22058 Poincaré constant on manifolds with ends PDF
22059 Discrete tori and trigonometric sums PDF
22060 Mean value inequality and generalized capacity on doubling spaces PDF
22061 Advances in path homology theory of digraphs PDF
23008 Off-diagonal lower estimates and Hölder regularity of the heat kernel PDF
23007 Parabolic mean value inequality and on-diagonal upper bound of the heat kernel on doubling spaces PDF
23006 Finite propagation speed for Leibenson’s equation on Riemannian manifolds PDF

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